Recorded: Securing Against Insider Threats and Tribal ICS Knowledge

The long-held belief that security by obscurity, system and process complexity, air gapping, and IT security controls are sufficient to protect chemical plants is no longer valid in the wake of WannaCry's attack on Honda and Renault plants earlier this year. Insiders, though, are not constrained by the same security controls that defend against outsiders. Insiders have exactly the right tribal knowledge of systems, security, and process to act maliciously.

This webinar focuses on fundamental security best practices that address the insider threat, but also help prevent the burgeoning outsider one. Dr. Yahya Nazer – chief analytics officer at PAS Global, LLC, co-chair of ISA106 Standards Committee and former Manufacturing and Engineering Fellow at The Dow Chemical Company and David Zahn, CMO & General Manager Cybersecurity Business Unit at PAS Global, LLC– address how engineer and security professionals can get better visibility into Level 0 through 3 (Purdue Model) cyber-asset configurations including control logic, how to identify unauthorized changes and vulnerabilities in these assets, and how to ensure quick recovery in the event of a compromised system that affects production or safety. They also describe how these security steps can aid in better CFATS, NIST and other standards compliance.

This webinar explores:

  • Real-world examples of how an insider can maliciously or inadvertently cause an incident
  • Best practices to prevent similar attacks from affecting facility production and safety
  • Compliance benefits from applying fundamental OT security practices

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